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Absences can be excused by phone, email, or with a note from parents or doctors within 5 days of the absence.  

If the student is absent more than 4 days in a row or has over 15 excused absences for the year, we will need a doctor’s note to excuse.  

Excusable absences include medical reasons (illness, injury, etc), funerals, and court appearances.  Students will not be excused for missing the bus, family vacations, babysitting siblings, taking care of parents, or being out of town and unable to get back in time. 

Vacation during instructional time will not be excused.  Students must check with their teachers ahead of time to see if any missed work or exams can be made up.  


ECHS is a closed campus.  Under no circumstances may a student leave school during regular hours without picking up an off-campus pass through the Attendance Office.  Parents can request an off-campus pass ahead of time by note, phone, or email before the student needs to leave.

The information that must be provided is the name of the student; date, time, the reason for leaving, whether or not the student is returning; contact number of parent, and the name/relationship of the person requesting a pass.  Please arrange for your child to pick up the pass before school starts, during lunch, or during the passing period before he/she leaves campus.  Meeting places should be arranged between student and parent ahead of time.  


In an effort to minimize disruptions, we request that parents not drop off items for students unless it is an emergency.  We are not responsible for any items left here and we will not hold money for the student.  


Students are considered tardy once the bell rings for class. 

Tardies due to transportation issues are not excused.  Tardies due to recurring medical appointments or illnesses will need to be excused with a doctor’s note.  

The TARDY POLICY is as follows:

When a student has a total of 8 tardies in one semester his/ her Citizenship grade will become a "U" which may make the student ineligible to play sports, participate in school activities or attend special events such as the Homecoming dance.


Because there is frequently a heavy volume of departure requests at the end of the day, the Attendance Department is unable to call students out of their classes during the last 20 minutes of the school day. 

If you need your student to be dismissed after 3 p.m. (2:30 on Wednesdays), please plan to call the Attendance Department ahead of time (760-901-8002).  This will need to be arranged earlier in the day to have time to pull your student from class. Your student will then receive a dismissal pass that will allow them to leave early. 

Please note: it is always helpful and more efficient to call in your student’s absence early!   No matter what time your student needs to leave, please consider calling the office early in the day so Attendance Office staff can prepare a dismissal pass in advance.

Contact Us:

Elizabeth Flores
Attendance Clerk
(760) 901-8012

Ann Nash
Attendance Clerk
(760) 901-8011

24 Hour Attendance Hotline:
(760) 901-8001

Office Hours:
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Off-Campus Pass Hotline:
(760) 901-8002

Email Attendance: